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Email Hoaxes

Sooner or later you or your child will receive an urgent email. This email will inform you about a new computer virus being spread around the Internet, and it will probably quote some famous organization like Finally it will urge you to "Send this to everyone you know!"

Put this email straight into your recycle bin—it's a chain letter and a hoax.

There are literally hundreds of millions of these types of emails zooming all over the Internet. People start them for fun, invent some weird virus name and then send out a warning to a few friends. It's amazing how many people believe what they read. And as these friends send out to all their friends, so the number of emails on this silly subject grows and grows.

You might say "Well, it MIGHT be true, so there's no harm in passing it on is there?" The answer is YES, there is! Firstly you look foolish when you send hoaxes to other people. Secondly all those hundreds of millions of hoax emails traveling around the Internet is slowing down everyone else's emails!

So when you next get the warning by email about the new virus that will eat your computer hard drive, be wise: don't "send this to all your friends". Instead, trash it!



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