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Unit C15, Seedbed Business Centre
Vanguard Way
01702 382380

We operate a well equipped workshop where we perform a number of less urgent services in a cost effective manner (sitting on site for an hour watching a progress bar is not always cost-effective).

Our workshop services include:

Custom PC Builds

Need a specification that isn’t available off the shelf? We can build high quality systems tailored exactly to your requirements, no matter how unusual. We also undertake case modifications and water-cooling systems.

Virus/Spyware/Malware Removal

Removing any of the above infestations can be an extremely time consuming process with scans taking anything up to half a day. If a system is out of commission or unreliable due to such an infestation it is often a lot more cost effective for us to bring the system back to our office where we can get on with other things while the scans are running. You only get charged for the time we are actually working on the system, not for us staring at the progress of a scan!

Repairs and Upgrades

We offer cost effective repair and upgrade services and have access to large stocks of components. We will however advise if we consider any work not to be worthwhile.

Software and Operating System Problems

Computer not booting or unreliable due to a software problem? A lot of the ‘major’ repairers will probably wipe your hard drive along with any programs or data. This is because they think it is quicker for them to simply put the machine back to its original state. The majority of the time this is completely unnecessary and problems can be corrected without any data loss.

We will always attempt to back up any private data prior to re-installing Windows Operating System and the relevant drivers. We then restore the data after successful implementation.

Data Backup

Please be advised that it is the customers responsibility to back up their own data. If you want us to back up the data please provide us with written details of the files & folders.
Whilst we do everything we can to recover any lost data, we cannot be held responsible for lost data on a customer's PC.

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We offer home & business tuition, covering anything from basic computing, data storage, and Internet browsing through to specific programs such as Word, Excel, etc..

Phone: 01702 382380