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Small and Medium-sized enterprises simply do not have the expertise or resources to keep up with rapidly changing technological advances.

Computer problems drastically impact upon business efficiency, resulting in lost productivity and reduced profitability.

Are you throwing money away?  SME’s on average lose 183 productive hours every year, waiting for IT problems to be fixed. (Research by London Business School)

Reduce the impact on your business with our Managed Service Support.  Our qualified and specially trained computer technicians remove all the IT headaches for SME’s ensuring systems are secure, up to date and efficient.  Our mission is to fix the majority of computer issues, remotely within minutes, minimizing disruption to your business.

Keeping IT Working

With the increased dependence on IT for business we have developed an on-demand solution that proactively keeps your PCs, laptops, networks and servers up-to-date and working efficiently leaving you free to focus on the core areas of your businesses.

Every business suffers from computer problems; they regularly crash, systems freeze or hang, viruses and hackers attack your PCs and documents get corrupt and lost.  This directly impacts on your business productivity.

with our support these risks are reduced!
Because your business is individual, you need a flexible support package.   Whether you have a single PC, a larger network with PCs and Servers or a number of remote workers who are out in the field we have a scalable solution for you.

Our Service
We have an IT maintenance service that provides corporate-level IT support at prices your business can afford.  You will benefit from gaining access to your own outsourced IT department when you need it and without adding to your employment overheads.  Your computers are monitored 24x7 by our software and team of experts who proactively fix issues, in most cases before they even become apparent.  The system is completely transparent meaning you can see exactly what our technicians are fixing.

What are the costs?
Because we offer a monthly service plan there are no large upfront costs, you simply pay on a monthly basis for the number of machines that need supporting.  Our modular pricing means you can mix and match the service based on your actual requirements – not what we think you need.

What do you get for your money?
Outsourced IT Department – Our Technical Support team are commited to provide you with an excellent service and strive to deliver improved services which help you lower your IT costs

Quick Installation and Configuration – We will completely take care of the installation and configuration of the system for you.  Our solution can be set up in minutes* meaning there is minimum disruption to your business.

Flexible IT Support – Our service coverage is Monday – Friday 8:30 – 17:30 (extended service available as an additional option).  If you experience a problem with your systems you can contact our technical team via our Helpdesk, via Email or through our integrated and user-friendly Ticket Reporting system – meaning you can report a fault at any time 24x7.

24x7 Monitoring – we monitoryour system performance 24x7.  Our technicians will then fix issues during your service hours, in most cases before they even become apparent to the user.

Secure Protection – You can enable or disable the remote access part of the system on individual machines putting you in control and allowing you to view when the remote technician is fixing PCs and networks. We can also provide a security guarantee.

Patch Updates – We will make sure your Microsoft Windows Operating systems are kept up-to-date as Microsoft release updates.  We will ensure patches are applied at the right time, without affecting machine usage.

Automated Software Updates – The software only needs to be installed once.  Any updates will be carried out automatically without additional costs, ensuring you benefit from the most up-to-date support and software improvements.

Performance Reporting – Depending on your requirements and the number of PCs using the  service we provide you a performance summary with a system health score so you can see that we are maintaining and improving the performance of your systems.

Policy Management – You can define network and Internet usage policy giving you control over business activity. Although this element of the service does not have to be implemented it could be used to improve productivity by reducing “cyber slacking”. For example, you may wish to restrict Internet access to certain times of day only or block employees from using a particular software application.

Hardware Audit Reporting – Our solution will provide a system audit summary report as part of the original set up.  This enables us to know exactly how your systems are set up so we can provide the best level of support.  As an additional service you can also request a comprehensive system audit at any time.

Temporary File Cleansing – Monthly deletion of temporary files from PCs.

Additional Options:

Backup & Disaster Recovery – We can provide the latest technology and offsite data storage to fully protect your business data.

Microsoft Office – We will provide reactive support for your Microsoft office applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. You can rest assured that whenever you report a fault you can log your issue and our team will be on hand to fix it for you.

Complete Hardware Audit Reporting – You can benefit from a comprehensive system audit giving you a full asset inventory listing including individual components as required, making insurance and upgrade planning easier. This is available on request.

Managed Antivirus – Antivirus protection for your PC’s, Laptop’s & Server’s configured and kept up-to-date by experts – utilising our industry leading virus protection.

Managed Firewall – As part of our complete IT management & security solution we will completely take care of providing and managing your Firewall solution. You will have peace of mind that you are protected from IT and Internet security threats.

The Benefits

  1. Reduce system downtime
  2. Increase productivity
  3. Proactive and rapid reactive support
  4. Secure access to a PC from anywhere
  5. Ensure systems, software and virus checkers are up to date
  6. A full daily IT System audit
  7. Easy to use fault reporting system

 What do you do next?
All you need to do now is contact Computopia  via Email to or on our Customer Hotline 01702 382380 and we will be happy to arrange an appointment.