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Backup your files Online

Bunker Backup's desktop and laptop product (DL) is ideal for the small business or single user. It is easy to install and simple to use and it works automatically.

At a preset time every day, all changes to your information are collected within the DL software, compressed and encrypted. Your backup data is then transmitted offsite to Bunker Backup's secure Primary Data Centre, (PDC) part of IBMs disaster recovery Building Continuity Services. A secondary backup copy can be replicated to Bunker Backup's secondary data centres, securing full backup redundancy for you. You maintain access to these files at all times and, using a simple interface, can restore all or specific files in the event of any data loss.

Free Trial Software

Try BunkerBackup for FREE for 14 days

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Key Benefits

- Backing up your data is completely automatic, so you need never remember to back up.
- It makes use of intelligent file selection, so your important files are automatically protected.
- Compressed files reduce bandwidth utilisation by up to 98%.
- There is a built in version control, which allows documents to be stored in the state in which they were created.
- Instant file recovery and availability of data means you don't have to search through endless tapes.
- Allows remote searching for lost files months after they were deleted.
- Guarantees complete confidentiality by ensuring that all data is transmitted and resides in an industry leading encrypted format, safe from prying eyes.
- It is the only solution to include integrated support for Public Key Infrastructures (PKI).
- A network activity monitor is included that allows you to backup automatically on connection.
- Allows file exclusion at administrator level to effectively enforce your corporate backup policies.
- Through a remote storage facility, backups are kept offsite in case of disaster.
- WebAccess allows you to securely access files remotely and from your GSM mobile phone using WAPAccess

How it works

- The DL software is easily downloaded and installed onto your PC or laptop. It is compatible with all versions of Windows.
- You determine which files on your PC are to be automatically backed up and at what time. Encryption keys known only to yourself are created.
- Your initial file set is compressed and encrypted to reduce transfer time.
- These files are securely passed across the internet to our state of the art Primary Data Centre (PDC) in London where all files can be viewed.
- Your data is logged, stored and a copy can be mirrored to the Secondary Data Centres (SDC).
- At the scheduled time, all changes made to files since the last backup are compressed, encrypted and passed to the PDC.


Once the trial period has expired, then the charges paid to Bunker Backup are as follows:-

Total data stored Monthly charge
Up to 550MB £5.95
1GB £9.95
2GB £13.95
4GB £19.95
7GB £29.95
10GB £39.95
15GB £57.95
20GB £74.95