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Parental Alerts

Alert No. 1: Your Kids Were Online, But Do You Know Where They Went?
It is all very well for parents to be told that they must supervise their children's activities online, but not so many parents have the time to literally be around when their kids are surfing the web to make sure no inappropriate websites are visited. There are several solutions to this problem.

Alert No. 2: Internet Addiction

Recently psychologists in America concluded that it is indeed possible for your child to become psychologically addicted to the Internet. The addiction has been named Internet Addiction Disorder, or IAD. To be diagnosed as a "Dependent Internet User" with IAD, a child must meet at least four or more of the criteria set by the American Psychological Association.

Alert No. 3: Email Hoaxes
Sooner or later you or your child will receive an urgent email. This email will inform you about a new computer virus being spread around the Internet, and it will probably quote some famous organization like Finally it will urge you to "Send this to everyone you know!" Put this email straight into your recycle bin—it's a chain letter and a hoax.



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