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Is Your System Running Slow?

Inject fresh life into it by upgrading these components!

If your PC is only a year old, but is starting to feel kind of slow, consider one or all three of these upgrades. They'll rejuvenate your PC, make your games run faster, and make you feel like a brand new person. And what's better than that?

Hard Drive:

You won't believe the speed difference a new hard drive makes. For storing your photos, HD movies & music we recommend going with the Samsung F3 1TB. It's the fastest, most reliable mechanical hard disk on the market.

If it's the fastest possible speed that you are after, then you cannot beat a Solid State Disk (SSD). These drives have no moving parts, run very cool & draw less power than mechanical hard disks. They are the ideal drive to store Windows , your games & applications on.

RAM it home:

Unless you're gaming on a Pentium 3 CPU, or similar, more memory = more gaming power. Whether it's a video encoding PC you have, or gaming PC, then an upgrade to 2Gb, 4GB, 6GB or more (if your motherboard can support it) is the easiest & quickest upgrade to perform. As well as reducing transcoding times, boosting frame rates & speeding up the Windows boot process, more memory is also essential for multi-tasking.

Graphics cards:

All of today's 3D cards have something different to offer. If it's a gaming card you are looking for then the latest nVidia GTX 480, 470 or 465 will serve you well. Also, the 5970, 5870 & 5850 cards from ATi are great.

Both the latest nVidia & ATi cards support the latest version of Direct X (currently vers. 11) & are fully compatible with Windows 7 operating systems.

Of course, not everybody can afford to spend huge amounts on these cards. There are other alternatives on the market. While cheaper cards might not be able to generate huge frame rates in the latest 3D games, they can still play some of the latest games & playback HD movies, which is something that PCs are used for a lot these days - more so than actual blu-ray players.



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